Firehouse Diabetes and Endocrine Center

Rodney D. Michaels, MD FACP
Ekaterina Manuylova, MD
Stacie Woods PA-C

Providing Comprehensive Endocrine Care to Central Oregon since 1996

In House Laboratory Testing

The Firehouse Lab provides in-house diagnostic testing for many of the diagnostic labs that are relevant to endocrine care. 

We have a phlebotomist on site so that labs that are required immediately following your visit may be drawn at the end of your visit or in our same location 10 days before your follow up visit. 

We process the following labs in-house:

CMP - Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
BMP - Basic Metabolic Panel
TSH - Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
Free T4
Hepatic Panel
Vitamin D
Lipid Panel
HBC A1C - Test results can be available same day during your appointment!

Lab results and chart notes are easily forwarded to your referring or primary care providers.