To best protect our patients, our providers, and our clinical staff – all persons entering our facility must have had at least one Covid 19 vaccine 10 days prior to their visit – including lab draws which are frequently required prior to a scheduled follow up visit. Telehealth (audio and video via smart phone and tablet or computer with camera) visits are available with all providers, but do require advance scheduling.

About US:

The Firehouse Diabetes and Endocrine Center is a specialty clinic with a team of Medical Providers using science and evidence based medicine to help you manage a variety of medical issues related to the endocrine system.

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The Firehouse Diabetes and Endocrine Center has been serving the Willamette Valley and surrounding areas in its current location since 1996 under the direction of Rodney D. Michaels MD, FACP.

Our providers and clinical support staff are specialized in diagnosing and treatment of endocrine system disorders, including problems with the thyroid and parathyroids (hyperthyroid, hypothyroid, thyroid cancer) pancreas (diabetes), adrenal glands (growth hormone issues), testes (low testosterone), ovaries, hypothalamus, pineal body, pituitary disorders.

Why is it called the Firehouse Diabetes and Endocrine Center?

In 1996 Dr. Michaels opened the Firehouse Diabetes and Endocrine Center in a converted Fire Station which was originally built in 1931 for the Salem Fire Department as Engine Company No 4. The original brass fire pole still exists in the reception area.

We are conveniently located at the corner of Lincoln ST SE and Liberty ST SE in the central medical business corridor between Commercial ST SE and Liberty ST SE in south Salem. Our patient parking lot is directly behind our building and accessed from Lincoln Street.