Our mission is to provide quality medical care to enhance the well being of our patients. This is accomplished through practicing evidence-based medicine.

Dr. Michaels, Dr. Manuylova, Riley Hawkins PA, and the clinical team are specialized in the care of patients with

Adrenal Gland issues, including tumors

Addisons Disease

Calcium Disorders

Cushing’s Syndrome or Disease

Comprehensive Diabetes Management : Type 1, Type 1.5, Type 2 and Diabetes from other causes

Continuous Glucose Monitor and Insulin Pump Therapy

Graves Disease

Growth Hormone Deficiency

Hashimoto’s Disease

Hyperthyroidism (high thyroid hormone levels)


Hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone levels)

Lipid and Cholesterol Abnormalities

Low Testosterone (Hormone Replacement Therapy / Testosterone Injections / Testosterone Pellet Therapy)

Metabolic Bone Disease. Bone Density testing in-house



Parathyroid Disease


Pituitary Adenomas

Pituitary Gland Disorders

Pituirary Tumors

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Reproductive Disorders (male or female)

Thyroid Disorders

Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid Nodules (including ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration)

Non-invasive  medical sonography is used to diagnose and treat medical conditions of the thyroid, such as cysts, goiters and tumors. Real time images are captured showing the structures and movement of the body’s internal organs providing your physician with the opportunity for early detection of various thyroid conditions. A specialized procedure using Ultrasound to obtain specimens for additional diagnosis of thyroid tissue. Dr. Michaels has performed this procedure in his office setting for over 25 years.

Vitamin D Deficiency